“Cyrano de Bergerac” – Metropolitan Opera House

It was another RAINING day. 
I don’t know the reason why but lately every time I go see a show, it’s been pouring cats and dogs. Well I guess that’s my luck for show weather this year .!

Anyways I went to the Metropolitan Opera with my dear friend and also my dear friend’s friend and my dear friend’s friend’s friend(if ya know what I mean). Okay now my brain is about to explode. 

So I was lucky enough to go inside a car which meant = not wet. I was so so thankful. Thank you car, for not making my socks wet, and thank you human being who drove the car(even though she kept laughing with both hands off the steering wheel..). 

And the playbill had Leontyne Price on it!! Leontyne Price!!!!!! Happy 50th year Metropolitan Opera!!!
I’ve got great seats this time.

I’ve mentioned before that I like Opera with the Verissimo style. Which means that I like the Kaboom and a Bang! type of music. And the composer of Cyrano de Bergerac, Franco Alfano composed this dramatic music. 
While doing some research I noticed that when this opera premiered at that time, Guido M. Gatti criticised the composer as fearing “to seem too melodramatic”, and the opera for being “overdecorated and labored” and containing “difficult and tortuous vocal writing”. However, the same analysis also mentioned that “the opera has moments of definite effectiveness and exquisite poetry”.

I have to agree with the second part of the analysis that the opera has its moments of exquisite poetry. However, it’s also written and sung in French so I thought the melodramatic worked very well because of the story and the language. Personally, this opera had its dramatic moments. But maybe it could be because I like that dramatic types of music in opera, so I would also have to disagree on the fact that it’s overdecorated. To be honest, I loved it when the acts ended with such dramatic endings. There were moments where I was so satisfied from the dramatic music and there were times that the Soprano made me cry in the 4th Act. It was a satisfying to watch an opera that satisfied my musical needs. My type my type !! 

The cast of Cyrano de Bergerac. (Thank you friend for taking a picture)

It’s sad that a lot of people are missing out on experiencing such culture at the Metropolitan Opera. There are student tickets for only 37.50$ for people who don’t have a lot of money like me.  There was an article about the decline of the audience at the Metropolitan Opera house and I really wish that students around my age could go and experience it at least once. 37.50$ for a 3~4 hours of exquisite culture that you can experience, okay? GO NOW. Or ask me if you want 🙂 

Metropolitan opera Carmen: Act III “Entracte” Ballet

I wrote about the post about Carmen that I’ve been to couple months ago, but I thought I had to write about the ballet performance in the show separately so here it is.

After the second act intermission, in the beginning of Act III there was a brief ballet performance during the entr’acte.


It was so beautiful and the chemistry between the two dancers were amazing. Later I’ve found out that the couple is married with a child. No wonder it was so beautiful. It was pure love. And the beautiful choreography is accompanied with the beautiful tune of the flute(I think!).

It was so memorable that I had to share this. If you have time, please take a look into it. It is just absolutely beautiful.

The link is down below.


Broadway show “The Price” – Arthur Miller

Yesterday on the last day of March, I was lucky because my friend got tickets for us to go and see a broadway show called The Price by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller is famous for his plays like The Crucible, The Death of the Salesman 

I know right? I’m veryyyyy luckyyyy to have the opportunity to watch the show. 

Anyways last night3/31 was a really rainy day so there was crazy traffic+puddles that were like lakes everywhere. And how windy it was. 

We went to a restaurant called Chez Josephine that’s on the 42st between 9 & 10th avenue. Oh man the food was great. Due to the heavy traffic we only had 1 hour to eat before the show. So we got the prie fix. I had a dandelion leaves & argula salad with amazing baguettes(which I smothered in butter of course !! ) and for the main course I chose the Atlantic char(I’ve decided to become a pescatarian so no meat for me!!!!!). And dessert was a chocolate cake with cherry purĂ©e. I loved loved loved it. I didn’t have time to take pictures though ;(!! Oh man it was so good. 

Anyways we ran to the American Airlines theater that was 2 blocks away and we arrived a little after 8:00 but we were there “on time”. 

I even had time to take a photo when the ushers weren’t looking ! 

Anyways I had the chance to watch Mark Ruffalo and Danny Devito perform. When Danny Devito came out for the first time on stage, the audience started laughing and gave him an applause for his entrance !! It was so hilarious that a small Italian guy could play an old Jewish guy from Russia ! Man, Danny Devito stole the show. But overall the cast was amazing. 

I liked how the director interpreted and adapted the play in a very humorous way and still succeeded in delivering the strong powerful message of this masterpiece. It showed the family conflicts that we go through regarding money, social class, and the responsibilities to take care after our old parents. The conflict of the two brothers  Walter and Victor, are very relatable to our modern society and it is so realistic that while I was watching the play, some of the lines just hit me straight through my heart. This was one of the memorable quotes from the play. 

“Well you live, and you die. Didn’t mean a thing. Didn’t you just waste all your time?”

I think that’s why Arthur Miller is still one of the best playwrights in America. His plays hit you straight in the heart that you cannot forget. The play is extremely realistic. And I think that’s what plays should do and this is what this show “The Price” did. It makes people to reflect on ourselves and affect our lives from it. And it did. 

It was a wonderful production. I hope everyone gets to have a chance and go see the show.

Ps: Fun Fact. Arthur Miller had the same birthday as me!!!! Lolololol 

My Favorite Sopranos, Part 2: Anna Moffo

Hello..? I don’t know how to start the post with! So,,, Hi!!

I hope you’re doing fine. Well I’m not!

Anyways, I wanted to introduce you to the amazing soprano Anna Moffo.


Absolutely gorgeous looking, once again proving that life isn’t fair because she was beautiful and she could sing very well at the same time. I hope I can also be as perfect like her but let’s face it. WAKE UP MINNIE!!!

To briefly introduce her..

Anna Moffo was born in an Italian family in Pennsylvania. After graduating high school, she turned down an offer to go to Hollywood and instead she chose to go to a music institution in Philadelphia. She received a scholarship to go to Italy to complete her studies in Rome. She later studied voice privately in New York City. Anna Moffo made her official operatic debut in 1955 in Spoleto(a city in Italy). She soon appeared on Italian television which made her career take off. She had a glamorous career but it eventually caused a serious vocal impairment in 1968, which she never recovered. And she passed away at the age of 73, from a decade-long battle with breast cancer. (Source: Wikipedia)

I have to say, personally for me Anna Moffo had the most purest voice I’ve ever heard so far. In the theatre world, there’s a saying that you can tell how that person is by just listening to their voices and looking how they act on stage. In my opinion, I think it’s true. Whenever I listen to Anna Moffo’s singing, I could tell how pure and naive she is. It’s my personal assumption but I feel that she was a very nice person with a great compassionate heart. That’s just how I feel. Whenever I want to listen to “Depuis le Jour” from the opera Louise , I can’t help myself. I feel absolutely happy.

Down below is the link of her live perfomance. Enjoy her beautiful presence in the video! Oh man, I’m listening to the song as I write and it already made me smile. Her singing this song makes me feel like I’m in love.

Have a wonderful evening, people!!




Little thoughts about my Singing Lessons

I remember it was at the end of 2015, I’ve just finished a musical production “A Funny thing that happened on the way to the Forum” in my college. I was playing the main role Philia. At that time I didn’t have much training so I didn’t know how to fu**ing sing this one song which eventually wasn’t even part of the show. And there was also a very rude girl who wanted the role that I was playing and she would look down upon me when I wasn’t able to sing the song. I was instantly pissed and I was determined to get some singing lessons. I was also not trained and very insecure. That’s why I decided to find a singing teacher. 

I’m not writing this to promote my singing teacher or anything, I just wanted to share something that I felt today. 

Anyways I was looking for a singing teacher and I was asking around and I was also looking online. There was a website called Thumbtack and you can look up people of what kind of services that you’re looking for. There were a lot of people offering me to be my singing teacher. They introduced themselves and they informed me with their hourly rates blah blah blah. It’s just my opinion but everyone was talking about themselves. They mentioned their awards, performing in shows like this and that blah blah blah. 

But there was this one person who asked about me. It was my singing teacher. He asked me where I’ve performed the musical production. I wanted to find someone who’d care about me and after dealing with my talking over the phone phobia, I finally found my guts to call him. 

He’s been my singing teacher ever since! I think the phrase “to each their own” fits well in this case because he was what I needed. Someone who really cared about me. He’s my therapist every week lol. 

It’s been over a year since I’ve been taking singing lessons from him. I still didn’t overcome a lot of my problems when I’m singing. For instance breathing;; when I’m nervous I tend to not breath which makes me sound like a squeaking child lol. But it helps me, seeing Larry(my singing teacher) every week. Sometimes the lessons make me feel like out of this world and sometimes it’s just deep shit hell. 

Recently it’s been deep shit hell but it was because I wouldn’t let go and just breathe. It’s hard to explain but what I’ve learned about singing is that the most important thing about singing is

  1. Breathing 
  2. Words
  3. Note

I’m going to get through this slump by practicing and hopefully I get over the breathing phase. Ughhhhhh if it was that easy just like that. 

But I’m not going to give up. This means the world to me. It makes me so happy singing opera arias and broadway music etc. I think that’s the most important thing. That you love something so much you don’t care if you’re good or not, you just keep going. That’s what singing means to me, I might not be amazingly talented and might not be able to hit the right notes and sound terrible. 

But I love doing it. 

So good luck to me and I wish me luck!

Oh and ps! Later on I realized why he was interested where I performed the musical production “A Funny thing that happened on the way to the Forum” because he worked with the creator of that show Steven Sondheim. Steven Sondheim even wrote my singing teacher a recommendation which later on got him the job in Hartford University. Pretty cool eh? 

It’s amazing what life brings you sometimes. I’m so lucky to have him in my life. 

A writing from my very best friend

Hello everyone ~~~~!

I was running out of materials to write on my blog so my friend volunteered to write something for my blog. 

Young is a very dear friend of mine and it was so nice of him to write something about me. It’s a little introduction about me and instead of writing it myself, my friend was glad to do write it himself.

I think anyone would consider themselves lucky if they had a friend who was inspiring, passionate, and encouraging as well as a good example for life. I have a friend like that—Minnie Lee, the host of this blog—and I feel so privileged to introduce my friend to you. 

I hope my post about her will help you have a better understanding of her and become a fan of her blog. 

I met her as my English tutor, and as we became close friends, we had a chance to share a lot with each other. She is a very passionate student who is majoring in theatre in college and wants to become an opera singer or actress as her career. 

I still clearly remember when we first went to karaoke together. I was amazed by how good of a singer she was, and I thought about how talented a person she was. What surprised me even more was that she was very humble and did not think she was talented at all. She even actually said that she doesn’t think there is such thing as â€śtalent”; she believes that if anyone strongly, sincerely, and eagerly wants something badly and does their best to get it, they will eventually get better and achieve their goal, regardless of the talents they were born with. 

I was very against her idea at that time, and we periodically had debates about talent. I was a heavy believer in talent; especially in music, people must be born with talent to succeed. 

She said she wasn’t born with musical talent but that she has worked hard to get to where she is and is willing to never stop trying to get better. She said she doesn’t believe in â€śtalents”—she witnessed how she herself was lacking talent in the past but overcame this lack by working hard to become a better singer. 

She has proven to me that she was right by showing me how much of a better singer she has become over the past two years. I have witnessed her closely, and she has become a better singer every time I have listened to her sing. 

One time, she took me to her singing lesson, and I was able to see her passionately learning to sing. Of course, not every moment will be good for her as she tries to become a better singer. There have been ups and downs in her trying and working so hard to get better, but one thing I can tell you for sure is that she will never stop trying to become better than before. 

There is another aspect of her that I respect so much, which is that she didn’t take an easy path to becoming a singer. There are a lot of Korean versions of American Idol-like TV shows in South Korea, the country where she is from. She has had enough opportunities to become a singer in South Korea, but she clearly knew that becoming a singer through a big entertainment company wasn’t her ideal way of achieving her goal. Because she is into opera so much, she has decided to challenge herself to come to America to become an opera singer or actress. She knew that this would be a hard path, but because she has the will, she believes that there will be a way. 

To me, she is a friend who is so inspiring and encouraging to others. She showed me how we can overcome a lack of talent if we keep trying hard and never give up. She also showed me how there will be a way if there is a will by how she challenged herself to achieve what she truly wants.

I want to celebrate her blog about introducing opera shows and express my excitement through this post about closely witnessing my friend’s journey to become an opera singer. Even though this blog is starting off very small, I hope it will become part of her journey for her to achieve her goal. 

Thank you Young ! You’re such a nice friend !! 

The day that I fell in love with Opera 

It was a summer day in 2016, (I know it seems like I’m making such a big deal out this but this means a lot to me!!) I was in my room doing absolutely nothing. Around that time, I have found myself getting bored with pop music and whatnot, I wanted more. I wanted something that I could be content with emotionally. I’ve been wanting to listen to music that touched my soul, that I can real lose myself into.

So I was browsing through my phone, amazon prime music more like lol, and then I looked at Maria Callas’s album. I remember which album it exactly was. It was “Casta Diva – 50 Best Maria Callas – The Greatest Classical Music Ever!”.

I don’t remember how I began to select the song but I just decided to listen to “Vissi d’arte” from the opera Tosca. And oh my GOD……..

I did not know that I could even feel that way. After listening to the song, I was just speechless. That moment was so special to me. I cried from the overwhelming emotions and how sad Maria Callas sang this song and from that moment I just couldn’t stop listening to the song and other songs that Maria Callas sang. It was like magic. A tsunami of emotions came to me unexpectedly and it was the most special feeling in the world.

I simply decided to listen to Maria Callas that day because I remember my best friend/former roommate Eri who’s a violinist, used to listen to Maria Callas singing in La Traviata and she would say “Oh Maria, why are you so good..” and I was always wondering why it was so great. I just sat next to her while she was listening to it. I didn’t know at that time that I would realize what she meant at that time. file_001

Now I listen a lot of Maria Callas’s recordings. She’s not perfect and some people don’t like her sharp, piercing voice. But still personally, I think she is the Queen of bel canto. Coming from a theatre background, her singing is not only singing. She puts her soul into these songs and she doesn’t just sing those notes. She’s living it by meaning every single word that she is saying.

The link below is one of my personal favorites of her and also the best example of her living the song. She is the absolute best.

Maria Callas – Puccini – O mio babbino caro