Never Again, Paris

I always loved the notion of Paris.

The way my mom described her first encounter of Paris; the orange juice from the streets, the smell of bread in the streets in the morning, and the scent of the perfume of the people walking by..

F**k that people.

I went to Paris for the third time, and this time with my boyfriend so that we could celebrate our one year anniversary.

My brand new two-month-old iPhone XR was stolen in the Invalides station going down from the RER C train platform.  A day after Christmas, remind you.

I was going down the escalator with my boyfriend, and a man stood right behind me and 3 seconds later when I try to touch my phone, it was gone. People say I should be thankful that I didn’t get hurt. I wish I got hurt instead thinking of how hard I worked in order to get that phone. I know, WHAT A MILLENIAL TO WHINE ABOUT THEIR PHONE?!

My point is, it was supposed to be a vacation that I really wanted to enjoy. But it seemed to go the other way.

Waiters were rude in restaurants, not even giving water or bread. Looking down upon me and my boyfriend when we just wanted dinner on Christmas Eve.

Never Again.

If I ever go back to France, it’ll be Provence.


What was YOUR worst vacation?

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