It was on Tuesday, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go check out the NYCBallet’s All Balanchine on Friday evening. And then a couple hours later my friend texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to the show because he had tickets.

I immediately said yes and ditched my boyfriend because I was blinded with a center orchestra seat. Ha! So shallow of me! Can you blame me?!

So my friend and I went to Lincoln center on a gloomy Friday evening. My friend used to be my formal professor in college, and afterward, we became close friends. It’s a weird relationship that we have because everyone thinks I’m his gorgeous escort or lolita or whatever.

I was so very thankful for the opportunity to come and see a New York City Ballet performance. The reason why I was interested in this particular all Balanchine performance was because I follow NYCBallet on social media, and they had a video about behind the scenes of the ballet dancers dancing to Tschaikovsky’s Pas de Deux. I didn’t know the music was supposed to be a part of Swan Lake, but Balanchine took that bit and decided to choreograph it.

I was very excited. The music that was used for the ballet performances was Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Ravel and Tschaikovsky’s. And it was my first experience to be a spectator for a ballet performance. I didn’t know much about George Balanchine, but after watching his choreographed pieces gave me a sense of awe because of the genius mind behind it. The choreography was very symmetrical and mathematical that seemed to look like patterns from far away. It was very strictly knitted together.

My favorite of them all was, of course, Tschaikovsky’s Pas de Deux. The upbeat music that makes us feel all the adrenaline with the insane techniques! People were wowing and applauding him during and after his short solo. The music was so addictive I was humming the piece after the performance. I tried to watch some of the same performances on Youtube, even though it doesn’t do justice to the actual live performance because you can’t feel the strength and the speed of these jumps and turns. This performance on youtube is with the ballerina that I saw the other night; Ashley Bouder. TschaiPasthumb

I couldn’t take off my eyes of these fascinating techniques, even though the Stravinsky’s music was very odd. The very last performance; Symphony in Three Movements was something else. It was so meticulously choreographed, the dancers had to be precise. Especially in the very end, all of the entire cast makes this stance, and it blew my mind because I thought it was almost looked like a modern art painting. methodetimesprodwebbin704754f2-4452-11e6-a45d-8299bb50a973SymphonyinThreeMovements-slideshow-thmb

Image sources are from the NYCBallet website.

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