Paris again for New Years and opera!

‘Tis the holiday season! People who you love gather around this time of the year because it’s cold and that’s what people do apparently around this time of the year lol.

Since I have a forever single life I decided to meet up with my sister for New Years. My sister wanted to come to New York for about 2 days or so but I suggested her to meet up with me in Paris again! So I’m staying for about 9 nights in Paris and I’ll see my sister for approximately 5 nights.

After getting rejected to a bunch of places in Airbnb, we finally were able to book a place around Bastille!! GOOD FOR ME!! Because it is literally two blocks away from the Bastille Opera House!! Boheme

I’m looking forward to La Boheme done with a contemporary space background. Gustavo Dudamel will be conducting and Sonya Yoncheva will be playing Mimi. I am so anticipated to this marvelous getaway. Especially for the conductor and the revolutionary attempt to redesign the set. 

There will be Don Quixote ballet performances during my stay in Paris. I intend to go and experience it all. I cannot wait. It’s been always hard this time of the year. Finals and wishing a lot of things. But everything’s fine and I’m very blessed. After all, I’ll be spending time in Paris for New Years. I have so much to be thankful about.


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