PARIS Day 1, and of course Opera House, Palais Garnier 

I have arrived in Paris yesterday, July 9th, and it was raining night. I took the public transportation to get my hostel, but the train has stopped working when I was very close to my destination. 

So of course a New Yorker like me took an uber! I had to wait 15 mins out in the rain with my luggage and finally arrived at my destination. Thank goodness no one stole my things.

The hostel was overall a nightmare but I won’t get into details. 

The next day I woke up and I decided to walk all the way to the bookstore Shakespeare and Company. I remember reading a real experience book on how it was to live at the bookstore when I was 12. My eyes were tearing up when I realized that I was actually there today. But at the same time it was quite disappointing to see that the cat that lives in the bookstore wasn’t there 😦 
It was nice to see Notre Dame, but it was very sad to see the police with huge guns all over this beautiful cathedral. I understand that there are terrorisms going on all over Europe and they’re just trying to be defensive about it.. but it was such an unbalanced scenery that I didn’t want to see. Such a beautiful architecture and men with guns, don’t really seem that harmonious together. 

And of course and of course, I’ve went to the Opera House today!! Palais Garnier!! I’m actually seeing Rossini’s La Cenerentola tomorrow but I wanted to pick up the ticket beforehand. But apparently you’re not allowed to pick up the ticket the day before because it’s already booked. And I got into a long conversation with one of the guides of the opera house talking about our love towards opera. He decided to show me around the opera house and I didn’t have to pay the ticket for being a visitor. I said to myself “such luck!!” So I got to go inside the opera house and had a glimpse of the ballet rehearsal that was going on. I got to go in different sections of the opera house when it was not allowed for tourists. How lucky, right ? 

But. Little did I know. All of a sudden in the middle of the conversation he goes “you’re so nice” and tried to kiss me. So I guess he showed me around because he was interested in me. And he kept on asking me when I’m free during my stay. I made it clear that I wasn’t interested. 

Oh well, I still got to go inside and look around without paying. I would just like to say that I am a very lucky girl. For the most part. 

After all, I’m in Paris 💕

And all this goes to my sister. For working at a notoriously difficult airline to send my family and me on a trip like this. 

Thank you Inny.

One thought on “PARIS Day 1, and of course Opera House, Palais Garnier 

  1. Friend says:

    Sounds like you’re having a blast. Little does France know, they’re going to run out of food soon. You go girl, eat all the food!!


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