Broadway show “The Price” – Arthur Miller

Yesterday on the last day of March, I was lucky because my friend got tickets for us to go and see a broadway show called The Price by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller is famous for his plays like The Crucible, The Death of the Salesman 

I know right? I’m veryyyyy luckyyyy to have the opportunity to watch the show. 

Anyways last night3/31 was a really rainy day so there was crazy traffic+puddles that were like lakes everywhere. And how windy it was. 

We went to a restaurant called Chez Josephine that’s on the 42st between 9 & 10th avenue. Oh man the food was great. Due to the heavy traffic we only had 1 hour to eat before the show. So we got the prie fix. I had a dandelion leaves & argula salad with amazing baguettes(which I smothered in butter of course !! ) and for the main course I chose the Atlantic char(I’ve decided to become a pescatarian so no meat for me!!!!!). And dessert was a chocolate cake with cherry purée. I loved loved loved it. I didn’t have time to take pictures though ;(!! Oh man it was so good. 

Anyways we ran to the American Airlines theater that was 2 blocks away and we arrived a little after 8:00 but we were there “on time”. 

I even had time to take a photo when the ushers weren’t looking ! 

Anyways I had the chance to watch Mark Ruffalo and Danny Devito perform. When Danny Devito came out for the first time on stage, the audience started laughing and gave him an applause for his entrance !! It was so hilarious that a small Italian guy could play an old Jewish guy from Russia ! Man, Danny Devito stole the show. But overall the cast was amazing. 

I liked how the director interpreted and adapted the play in a very humorous way and still succeeded in delivering the strong powerful message of this masterpiece. It showed the family conflicts that we go through regarding money, social class, and the responsibilities to take care after our old parents. The conflict of the two brothers  Walter and Victor, are very relatable to our modern society and it is so realistic that while I was watching the play, some of the lines just hit me straight through my heart. This was one of the memorable quotes from the play. 

“Well you live, and you die. Didn’t mean a thing. Didn’t you just waste all your time?”

I think that’s why Arthur Miller is still one of the best playwrights in America. His plays hit you straight in the heart that you cannot forget. The play is extremely realistic. And I think that’s what plays should do and this is what this show “The Price” did. It makes people to reflect on ourselves and affect our lives from it. And it did. 

It was a wonderful production. I hope everyone gets to have a chance and go see the show.

Ps: Fun Fact. Arthur Miller had the same birthday as me!!!! Lolololol 

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