My Favorite Sopranos, Part 2: Anna Moffo

Hello..? I don’t know how to start the post with! So,,, Hi!!

I hope you’re doing fine. Well I’m not!

Anyways, I wanted to introduce you to the amazing soprano Anna Moffo.


Absolutely gorgeous looking, once again proving that life isn’t fair because she was beautiful and she could sing very well at the same time. I hope I can also be as perfect like her but let’s face it. WAKE UP MINNIE!!!

To briefly introduce her..

Anna Moffo was born in an Italian family in Pennsylvania. After graduating high school, she turned down an offer to go to Hollywood and instead she chose to go to a music institution in Philadelphia. She received a scholarship to go to Italy to complete her studies in Rome. She later studied voice privately in New York City. Anna Moffo made her official operatic debut in 1955 in Spoleto(a city in Italy). She soon appeared on Italian television which made her career take off. She had a glamorous career but it eventually caused a serious vocal impairment in 1968, which she never recovered. And she passed away at the age of 73, from a decade-long battle with breast cancer. (Source: Wikipedia)

I have to say, personally for me Anna Moffo had the most purest voice I’ve ever heard so far. In the theatre world, there’s a saying that you can tell how that person is by just listening to their voices and looking how they act on stage. In my opinion, I think it’s true. Whenever I listen to Anna Moffo’s singing, I could tell how pure and naive she is. It’s my personal assumption but I feel that she was a very nice person with a great compassionate heart. That’s just how I feel. Whenever I want to listen to “Depuis le Jour” from the opera Louise , I can’t help myself. I feel absolutely happy.

Down below is the link of her live perfomance. Enjoy her beautiful presence in the video! Oh man, I’m listening to the song as I write and it already made me smile. Her singing this song makes me feel like I’m in love.

Have a wonderful evening, people!!




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