The day that I fell in love with Opera 

It was a summer day in 2016, (I know it seems like I’m making such a big deal out this but this means a lot to me!!) I was in my room doing absolutely nothing. Around that time, I have found myself getting bored with pop music and whatnot, I wanted more. I wanted something that I could be content with emotionally. I’ve been wanting to listen to music that touched my soul, that I can real lose myself into.

So I was browsing through my phone, amazon prime music more like lol, and then I looked at Maria Callas’s album. I remember which album it exactly was. It was “Casta Diva – 50 Best Maria Callas – The Greatest Classical Music Ever!”.

I don’t remember how I began to select the song but I just decided to listen to “Vissi d’arte” from the opera Tosca. And oh my GOD……..

I did not know that I could even feel that way. After listening to the song, I was just speechless. That moment was so special to me. I cried from the overwhelming emotions and how sad Maria Callas sang this song and from that moment I just couldn’t stop listening to the song and other songs that Maria Callas sang. It was like magic. A tsunami of emotions came to me unexpectedly and it was the most special feeling in the world.

I simply decided to listen to Maria Callas that day because I remember my best friend/former roommate Eri who’s a violinist, used to listen to Maria Callas singing in La Traviata and she would say “Oh Maria, why are you so good..” and I was always wondering why it was so great. I just sat next to her while she was listening to it. I didn’t know at that time that I would realize what she meant at that time. file_001

Now I listen a lot of Maria Callas’s recordings. She’s not perfect and some people don’t like her sharp, piercing voice. But still personally, I think she is the Queen of bel canto. Coming from a theatre background, her singing is not only singing. She puts her soul into these songs and she doesn’t just sing those notes. She’s living it by meaning every single word that she is saying.

The link below is one of my personal favorites of her and also the best example of her living the song. She is the absolute best.

Maria Callas – Puccini – O mio babbino caro

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