My all time favorite female soprano!! Part 1

Oh myyyyy .. I can’t wait to introduce this amazing female soprano today!! 

The soprano that I’m going to share today is the divina Leontyne Price.leontyne_price_color_by_jack_mitchell

Oh my gosh I am so so so so so excited to share about my absolute favorite! There’s more artists that I would like to share this and I wanted to write about other sopranos also but I decided to write about them separately.

To abbreviate Leontyne Price’s biography; she was born and raised in Mississippi (Yes people she’s from the South! Take it or leave it), she started her music education in a church then went to high school and was an outstanding pianist then she went to college with the idea of becoming a music teacher. But the faculty of Oak college convinced her to change her focus to Voice. She was offered and finished a full scholarship education in Julliard and she had her debut in a musical in Broadway. Afterwards she had her opera stage debut in San Francisco opera house and that’s when her opera career has officially started.

When I first heard her sing “Vissi d’arte” from the opera Tosca, I was blown away from the grace of Leontyne Price’s voice.. I could feel such grace in every breath that she took and oh man oh man, she is so classy. I didn’t hear any rushes in almost every song that she sang. She’s a diva when she took her time and the performances itself were breathtaking.

Anna Moffo –

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