Finally “Carmen”!!


When I was 6 years old, my mother would borrow opera DVDs for her daughters to watch. I still remember the first opera that I’ve ever watched. Carmen!

The Metropolitan Opera offers generous student tickets!! Which are 37.50$ including the service fee. Guys, it’s cheaper than Broadway shows. So I brought my bestie, Joel. There was also a Carmen pre-show party with fortune tellers and free wine and cheese, grapes (which I devoured;;), it was pretty awesome. I also got a free composer pen. Come on, who doesn’t like a free pen!!

Also forgot to mention the fact that student tickets always gets the orchestra seats and they’re eligible to move to better seats in some occasions. So we got to get seats in the L row. I enjoyed Act 1 very much because the tunes and the songs were very familiar to me, but when it got to Act 2,3,4 I have to confess that I was falling out of interest. The mezzo-soprano Clémentine Margaine had such a voice! Her voice filled the house and I hoped that she was okay after the accident of one of the gigantic masks falling down on stage.

I had such a nice time and I’m so thankful to the Metropolitan Opera house by providing young hungry aspiring artists the opportunities to experience an amazing work of art. I finally got to see the show live, and I hope one day I would be able to stand on stage in the Metropolitan Opera.


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